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Community Relations

The development and enhancement of Mid West communities is a key commitment of Gindalbie and KML. The objective of developing long-term, sustainable businesses that deliver local benefits, such as employment and local business opportunities has continued.

Community investment activities focus around the key pillars of regional health, education, youth development and housing. Additional leverage is gained by forging partnerships with key associations with organisations that enhance our financial investment. Specific initiatives and contributions include:

  • Karara Community Farm -  developed in 2011 on 600 acres of KML-owned land, is an agricultural resource for community groups to utilise to generate their own profits as an alternative means of fundraising. Regional groups are welcome to submit an application for the farm which is awarded by KML annually based on merit; 
  • Educational Scholarships - Funding has been provided for nine apprenticeships, twelve tertiary scholarships, ten university scholarships and six traineeships;
  • Karara Community Health Fund - In June 2012, the Karara Community Health Fund was officially launched. The Fund, which was underpinned by an initial $300,000 investment coming from a range of sources, including contractor partners and local government, employee fundraising activities, and recycling and innovation programs conducted by KML staff. The flagship project to emerge from the health fund is the partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. This partnership has involved the development of a Mobile Dental Clinic for the Midwest Region. Another key project from the Health fund involves Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc.Karara, and two of its key contract partners have joined forces with Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc. to co-fund and assist in the establishment of a new Murchison Family Support Network in Geraldton;
  • Mingenew Housing Project - A new community housing project designed to attract professionals and other high-calibre people to take up employment opportunities with Mingenew Shire has been launched by KML as part of an innovative arrangement with a local landowner who put up land for some of the Karara Project’s water bores;
  • Morawa General Practitioner (GP) Flights– KML has provided 26 return flights to Perth per year on the Company’s regular fly-in, fly-out charter service to assist in attracting and retaining good quality GP’s in the Shires of Morawa, Perenjori and Mingenew;
  • Geoff Wedlock Innovation Park - A master plan to optimise the Geoff Wedlock Innovation Park was developed in 2011. The land, owned by KML, is to become a long-term Mid West innovation development centre for mining and non-mining ventures.
  • Geraldton Iron Ore Alliance - Gindalbie is a member of the Geraldton Iron Ore Alliance, which is dedicated to promoting the development of a viable and sustainable iron ore industry in the Mid West region. While the key objectives of the Alliance involve securing broad support and Government commitment to achieve public policy settings to facilitate and promote industry growth in the region, the Alliance companies also recognise that the area’s youth of today are the employees of the future.