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Safety Management 

Gindalbie and Karara value the safety and health of all of its employees, contracting partners, site visitors and the wider community in which it operates. Both are committed to a ‘zero harm’ philosophy relating to safety performance in all areas of the businesses. As the Karara Project gains momentum, transitioning from construction into mining operations, a risk based strategy for safety management is embraced. As standard practice, the Companies:

  • Do not compromise on health and safety standards;
  • Include health and safety considerations in planning work;
  • Identify, assess, mitigate and manage risks;
  • Ensure work meets relevant standards and codes of practices;
  • Develop, engage and empower employees and contractors;
  • Set measurable objectives and targets aimed at continuous improvement and eliminating work related illness;
  • Collaborate and communicate with employees with respect to all health and safety endeavours; and
  • Maintain a health and safety system based on best industry standards.